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“The waters have quickened with darkness. The fox continues to fall apart; also, you were right: I should never have kept company with the crow. A parliament of Great-Horned Owls caught him cheating in a 7-card stud marathon; they tore off his left wing behind the butterfly farmer’s towering vivarium.

Can you imagine? Me underneath a lowering moon, threading a pine needle with a spider web, wondering where I went wrong? I tried like hell to sew the jack of diamonds to the crow’s body for a makeshift wing, but my efforts were futile.”

Crossing the Queen

Thanks to Close to the Bone for publishing my latest short piece Crossing the Queen “Cigarette smoke curled around Veronica’s right wrist like a translucent gray handcuff. She uncrossed her black-stockinged legs, stood up, and dropped ash into the blood that pooled around Allen’s head.”

Crossing the Queen is heavily influenced by film noir, as are many of my stories, but Veronica and Allen are named after Veronica Lake and Alan Ladd of This Gun for Hire, The Blue Dahlia-written by Raymond Chandler, and The Glass Key. I do imagine the two characters looking like them. I hope you enjoy!

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